VoixTube - About, History and Objectives

VoixTube is an Indian online music streaming platform launched on 20 December 2016. VoixTube is owned by Deep Gautam, a YouTuber, Author and Indian Entrepreneur. VoixTube is headquartered in Yavatmal, Maharashtra. It offers free music and podcast streaming from record labels, music companies and individual artists. As a freemium service, basic features such as registering on the site, uploading music or podcasts, streaming, creating playlists are completely free for lifetime. While additional features, such as selling music, monetization, spotlight, pro badges and music downloads are offered as a paid subscription for which users have to pay as little as $1.99 per month. VoixTube operates globally covering as many as languages and genres. Users can search for music based on songs, artists, albums and playlists. VoixTube has easy to use user interface and seven languages which makes it easy for global users to read and understand.

VoixTube was founded by Deep Gautam in 2016 as he felt a need of such a platform where his musician friends could showcase their music, let their fans stream the music online and earn some money by selling it. In the beginning, Deep Gautam created a WordPress site where he used to write articles about the new music launches, interviewed artists and featured them on the site and all of the social handles of VoixTube. As VoixTube gained a little awareness, Deep planned to add more features on the website but he could not do that with the WordPress so he built a custom website with a lot of additional features that bring global artists at one place, allow them to communicate and collab and stream music or podcasts according to the mood and need without any restrictions.

Business Model
VoixTube operates under a freemium business model (basic services are free, while additional features are offered via paid subscriptions). VoixTube generates revenues by selling premium streaming subscriptions to users and advertising placements to third parties and its users. And the users can earn 95% of the purchases they receive on the site.

Users get a 1GB free quota for uploading their music and podcasts.
Users can search for music on the site using different parameters such as artists, playlists, songs and albums.
Users can create playlists and share them on social media.
Users can sell and monetize their music or podcasts.
Users can import their existing tracks from iTunes and Deezer.
Users can follow artists to keep up with their activities.
Users can message each other.
Users can find new music under the “Discover” tab.
Users can find trending music under the “Top Music” tab.
Users can see the statistics for their uploaded music.
Users can embed the music or podcasts on their websites.
Users can create ad campaigns on the site to gain followers and awareness.
Users can earn money by inviting their friends and family on the site.

1. Providing non-established but aspiring musicians a platform to upload, sell, monetize and stream their music.
2. To offer a platform to like-minded artists to communicate and collaborate with each other.
3. Music promotion of artists on our social channels.
4. Music production of the artists who we have made contracts with.
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